BlueBubble WordPress Theme

BlueBubble is a Free, Clean, Simple Premium Portfolio WordPress Theme for Designers, Photographer or any other creative minds! :-) It’s designed for easy showcasing your work and it comes with some very cool features. This theme is released under GPLv3: You can use it for free, change everything you want. There are no sponsored links. Have fun. :)

Finally arrived! An update to the original BlueBubble WordPress Theme by designer Thomas Veit. This new version is a collaboration project, with designer Mike Walsh, founder of Arte Con Alas (Art With Wings) adding the updates for version 3.0. Thank you very much for your awesome work Mike!!!
Important: This theme was updated and requires WordPress 3.0 or higher!


BlueBubble 3.4 Theme Features:

  • 8 Different Styles/Colors
  • New User Profile Fields – add Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc.
  • Advanced Theme Options Panel – Control everything from one location.
  • Updated design using CSS and new CSS3 elements.
  • ColorBox image popup for Portfolio items.
  • Author Details box with list of their posts – all in one place!
  • Custom color for author comments.
  • New Contact Form:
    • JQuery Form Field Validation
    • Users can send themselves a copy of email.
    • Animated thamk-you message when email successfully sends.
  • Connect your Twitter account and show latest posts.
  • Social Media icons – button links provided for 16 popular social media types. Easy to add from Theme Options Panel.
  • Automatic image resizing for Portfolio items – same as previous versions of BlueBubble.
  • Support for Search Engine Optimization in Theme Options – add Meta content and more!

You can Download BlueBubble also from Mike’s Website: Arte Con Alas. He’s still updating BlueBubble for new cool Features. You can also follow him on Twitter: @arteconalas

Note: I have not the time to answer all of your questions and support requests.  Thanks for understanding and good luck with BlueBubble.

BlueBubble3.4 Demo

About Author

Thomas Veit is a Swiss freelancer and founder of He's Web Designer, Developer and very interested in Social Media and Marketing. Thomas loves creating beautiful Websites with Wordpress on his awesome Mac! :) You can follow him on Twitter.


  1. John Wega February 5th

    Comment Arrow

    this is a great template! thank you very much for the updated version.

    i’ll try setting it up on my upcoming site.

  2. Thomas Veit February 5th

    Comment Arrow

    Thank you John! Glad you like it! :)

  3. Raquel February 10th

    Comment Arrow

    Greetings from Spain, just wanted to drop you a line and tell you thanks! This theme is one of the coolest I´ve seen for wordpress, keep on with the good work and thanks for sharing it!

  4. Thomas Veit February 10th

    Comment Arrow

    Thank you very much Raquel! :-)

  5. Abe February 11th

    Comment Arrow

    Thomas, I like your theme. I’m pretty new with wordpress! I have a question. Is it possible to have more ‘portfolio’ pages? For example, one for video and one for web? The same for the blog? Can you tell me how to do that!?
    Thank you very much.

  6. Thomas Veit February 11th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Abe,
    Yes you can do that. Duplicate the file “portfolio.php” and save it as “portfolio-video.php” Change the template name (in the first few lines) also to Portfolio Video.

    The next thing is to create a new category. Take the name of the category an put it in the query_posts() in your template… replace it with $bb_portfolio_cat.

    hope this will help you… :)

  7. Taufik February 11th

    Comment Arrow

    one thing that i think you miss it or maybe leave it.

    no threaded comment system ??

  8. Thomas Veit February 11th

    Comment Arrow

    no, BlueBubble does support threaded comments:

    Maybe you forgot to activate it through the wordpress admin settings!?

  9. Abe February 19th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for your help. I don’t get the last part. What do I have to replace? My categoryname = portfolioweb. Where do i have to put that? In this line:

    I hope you can tell me that. Thank you very much!

  10. Abe February 19th

    Comment Arrow

    It didn’t place the line. Hopefully it works now.
    < ? php

  11. Abe February 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    Hello Thomas,
    I did replace it like you said. I made “portfolioweb”. I made a categorie. But if I want to put a post in it. It doesn’t show up in my browser. I checked the category “portfolio web”. Please can you help me?

  12. Dave March 1st

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Thomas,

    Is ‘t correct that the readmore function doesnt work?

  13. Dave March 1st

    Comment Arrow

    nvm already solved it

  14. Jane March 3rd

    Comment Arrow

    Can’t believe this one is free.

  15. John March 4th

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    Wow, this is great, thanks! I’m new to this…how easy would it be to add a slight tiled background to this? Also, any way I could use the main thumb images on the portfolio page as categories that would take the user to separate galleries & possibly incorporate the “light box” plug in to show the images? Thanks!

  16. Thomas Veit March 4th

    Comment Arrow

    Thank you very much John! Add a background image is quite easy with CSS – check this out

    What you want to do is possible, but i think you’ll need help to do that as you are new tho this stuff…

    i can do that as a freelance job if you want to…

  17. John March 4th

    Comment Arrow

    Cool..thanks again. I will let you know if I need help with the “light box” plug-in once I get a bit further. If I want my logo to be taller than the one on your example, how do I pad it so it pushes everything else (Nav etc.) down? Currently it overlays the nav and the text below it because it is too tall. I expect I will experience the same thing once I start adding image thumbs to the portfolio area on the right. Thanks again!

  18. Chris March 9th

    Comment Arrow

    Hello Thomas!
    Love your Theme! A few questions: How do I turn the pagination feature ON if my portfolio page is set as the front page thru WordPress (like in your instructions)? I’d like it to only show 8 thumbs if possible, then have a link for “next page” etc.

    Also, I saw your comment to Abe above in regards to duplicating the portfolio page to make a different portfolio section. I tried your method and it still seems to just show what is on the original portfolio page I duplicated. I duplicated, changed name in theme line and created a new wp category then added that name to the “$bb_XXXX_cat”, with no luck. Any idea? THANKS!

  19. pbdome March 30th

    Comment Arrow

    Love it…. love it.. love it… Thank you verry much :D ~<3

  20. Victor Hugo April 1st

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Thomas, I love the theme but when I install some errors appear me:

    Warning: fopen(/home/tresnuev/public_html/blog/wp-content/themes/bluebubble/style.css) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/tresnuev/public_html/blog/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3598

    Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/tresnuev/public_html/blog/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3601

    Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/tresnuev/public_html/blog/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3604

  21. project+ landscapes+ April 14th

    Comment Arrow

    best theme ever… i’m developing with this theme

  22. Santaclara April 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Thomas…

    Well, first of all, congratulations. I love your work.

    Second, it might sound a little naif on my side, but, I can´t find the “Post Thumbnail” section on my WP add post panel.

    Thank you.

  23. project landscapes April 23rd

    Comment Arrow

    my site using this theme…. a bit of change!!!!

  24. Shavy April 28th

    Comment Arrow


    You’re probably using the new WP 3.0 beta. Instead of “Post Thumbnail” you have “Featured Image” in the same place on the page. Choose this option, then at the bottom where it gives you the option to Insert in Post or use as Featured Image, choose Featured Image. Good luck.

    Thomas, this theme rocks. It’s one of the few that seems to take into to consideration the trend today for clean, minimalist presentation that showcases the WORK. Great job!!! I suggest adding a Paypal button somewhere so that people who want to, can donate to your site. Keep up the fantastic work.

  25. Daniella May 13th

    Comment Arrow

    Great theme. It would be great if you could have a slideshow option so you can view images on each project. Other wise great work. If you update this part of it let me know!!!

  26. nacho roca May 21st

    Comment Arrow

    Congratulations on this template. I love it. The only problem is that I can not get my galleries are seen with “lightbox”. Can you help me?

  27. bubba May 26th

    Comment Arrow

    I cannont get the contact form to work, Is there any instructions

  28. Owen June 4th

    Comment Arrow

    Thanks for the theme. I am running WP 2.9.2
    I have followed the steps in this link exactly and have even used your suggested Category names.

    However, the blog is not displaying the proper category name in the url address line

    Instead of this
    I get this

    And therefore I do not get any portfolio display


  29. Owen June 5th

    Comment Arrow

    P.S. I have reset the theme to blue bubble for a bit. The only way I could see what I described above was to briefly change to the default theme otherwise it would have remained a mystery. However, the problem remains unsolved

  30. Kaya June 7th

    Comment Arrow

    Hey Thomas.
    Das ist das beste Theme das ich bis jetzt egsehen habe :-) hab gerade auf die neue WordPress version geupdatet und setzte nun das Theme neu auf. Mir ist aufgefallen, dass wenn ich in den Einstellungen angebe, dass nur die ersten 3 Blog Beiträge auf der Seite sein sollen und dann eine 2. Seite angefangen werden müsste, dies nicht klappt.

    Hast du eine Idee warum das so ist??


  31. magdalena June 12th

    Comment Arrow

    Thomas, this is the best theme ever! I love it. I only have to make the contact form work, I don´t know why it´s not working. I did everything you said, but still not working, what may I be doing wrong?
    Thanks in advanced for your help!

  32. Owen June 17th

    Comment Arrow

    While I am pretty sure you are finished reading or responding here I did want to correct my comments above and note that the error was all mine and I have found the solution though I am no longer same url.

    Thanks for an excellent theme with lots of room for adaptation

  33. Manfred June 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    A great template, I was searching for something like this long ago.

    I wonder if there is a gallery-plugin within the theme?

    Would like to have my starting page as yours
    in the DEMO, with thumbnails as a start and,
    after a klick on one of it, an overview with a gallery.

    You thinks it´s possible?

    Beim Draufklicken neue Seite mit Galerie.


  34. Paul Murray June 30th

    Comment Arrow

    This is a fantastic theme! I’m currently modding it to fit the needs of my site but I’m having trouble getting the email contact form to work, it just gives me an error, even though the email mail.php script has my email settings added correctly.

    I’m using the version from but I’m wondering if upgrading to this version will fix it?

  35. sygn July 1st

    Comment Arrow

    Hi! First of all thanks for the theme. It’s great and simple. Is there a way to make all the categories look like the portfolio category?

  36. Someone July 2nd

    Comment Arrow

    Just to let you fellas know, Thomas is doing military service right now (it’s a duty in Switzerland), that’s why he’s not replying to any questions here. But I’m sure he will as soon as he got time.

  37. Mishi July 6th

    Comment Arrow

    Great theme. The only thing I dislike about bluebubble, is that a lot of my pieces are vertical, not horizontal. :( I think it’s a good idea that in the next update you considered having lightbox pop up a full size version of each piece. I guess for now i’ll have to do it myself. ^^

  38. Wallace July 9th

    Comment Arrow

    Nice theme, simple and useful for portfolio, thank you.

  39. eCarsBay July 10th

    Comment Arrow

    coool theme
    Thanks a lot

  40. Natalia July 10th

    Comment Arrow

    Desde Buenos Aires Argentina, muchas gracias por el theme, es excelente!

  41. Ian July 12th

    Comment Arrow

    My page is not displaying posts in 2 columns – can you help please?


  42. David July 13th

    Comment Arrow

    My page is not displaying posts in 2 columns, too…

  43. Alex July 13th

    Comment Arrow

    Great template, I will recommend it!
    Of course I also have a question:
    On the front page, I get all of the headlines below each other in stead of next to each other like in your demo (so two on two) do I get that?

    And question number two, if you click through on one of the items on the home page, you get on the blog entry and there is a big banner on top there..this banner how do I fill this with an image?


    Good job!


  44. AlexA July 13th

    Comment Arrow

    I have the 2 column problem also.
    Ein antwort auf Deutsch ist auch OK Thomas!
    How to get 2 columns in stead of the one that’s standard?

  45. Javi July 13th

    Comment Arrow


  46. AlexA July 13th

    Comment Arrow

    Ok guys, for those of you who have the 2 column problem, I found a solotion which works for me..
    Go to Settings –> Reading –> Front page displays
    Set to static page
    Put front page and post page right and then it should work.
    I have not yet found out, how to get the images then the big ones at the cliktrhough or the mini’s at the portfolio page…

  47. AlexA July 13th

    Comment Arrow

    Again my problem solved itself. For others, if you do not see the featured image, the big image , then select it with featured image, in the image option window.
    That should do the trick.
    But of course, I have another question. And I don’t think I can find the answer on this one myself.
    If I want to link the featured image from each portfolio image, to a different URL (so not to the blog post). How to do so?
    Ich will dieser featured image, nicht zu den blogpost linken aber zu ein externen URL..geht das und wie?

  48. DJ Tukancheez July 16th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Thomas,

    your theme is done with a precision & sharpness, like people are got used to from the famous Swiss Knifes. I really love the theme! Thanks for it!

    BTW: Good luck with your army duty and wish you a quick return home.

  49. e11world July 16th

    Comment Arrow

    Pretty sweet and fun theme. Thank you!

  50. Binbuu July 16th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi. 3.0 gives an error report in the format of this theme.

  51. Jesse T July 17th

    Comment Arrow

    This theme is beautiful and has that balance of blog and portfolio I’ve been searching for. Just getting it set up now.

    Also someone’s earlier comment about “set featured image” for WordPress 3.0 helped me figure out how to set the thumbnail (as you called it in the instructions).

  52. Deano July 21st

    Comment Arrow

    I love this theme – but am struggling to get posts to appear ONLY on the pages i want – they seem to be posting to all pages and then the link TO the post doesnt seem to be working?
    am new to wordpress :P

  53. rachel July 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    I love this theme. I’ve gotten everything figured out (though still in progress), expect for the social media buttons in the side bar. How can I change the URLs and add more buttons? Thanks in advance!

  54. Mary July 23rd

    Comment Arrow

    Absolutely love this theme. Thank you so much, Thomas!

    Just one itty bitty problem – if you look at my sidebar, there is an extra “blog” link under my logo. It shouldn’t be there.

    I have no idea how it got there and don’t know how to get rid of it.

    Please, kindly help me? Thanks a million!

  55. Mary July 23rd

    Comment Arrow

    Just figured it out.

  56. get some August 11th

    Comment Arrow

    thomas, gracias por compartir tu theme, es de gran utilidad, pero al instalar la plantilla, no he podido hacer que la pagina de inicio muestre, las fotos en miniatura con el extracto, así como se ve en el screenshot, ? podrías guiarme un poco porfavor?
    soy nuevo en todo esto de wordpress
    saludos bro.

  57. get some August 11th

    Comment Arrow

    thomas, thanks for sharing your theme, is very useful, but when installing the
    template, I could not make the home page displays, photos
    Miniature extract and shown in the screenshot,? one could guide me
    bit please?
    I’m new to this whole wordpress
    greetings bro

  58. Scott August 11th

    Comment Arrow

    What a frustrating theme! I am unable to get it to work like it does in the demo. I can’t get two columns (Alexa’s post above made no sense to me) and I can’t get featured images to work. If anyone here has got this theme to work like it does in the demo could you please post a link to your site? Seeing that other people made this them work might inspire me to keep trying.

  59. Scott August 12th

    Comment Arrow

    Ok, I went to dinner, rode my bike for an hour to clear my head, came back to take another stab at this and got it to work! I did two things different: First I re-read and followed the directions at the top of this page EXACTLY. In my previous try I was following the directions on the old website. Duh! Second I opened up Firebug to take a closer look at the demo site and noted the dimensions of the images Thomas used: 310x150px for Thumbnails and 657x318px for larger images. I changed my media settings in WP to match those. These two steps did the trick and now I have a two column site that matches the demo. Yippee!! One thing that I couldn’t wrap my head around was uploading the featured image as a thumb… I kept wondering how I would get the larger image into the post. Well WP does this magic for you without the need for an extra step. Amazing! I’m still not quite sure what the blog template does or if I really need it. I’ll have to experiment to see what happens when I use it. So thank you Thomas for a great theme and I apologize for my rash, frustrated post above! PS: I’d still like to see other peoples examples of how they’re using the theme. I’ll post mine as soon as its done.

  60. Emrys August 12th

    Comment Arrow

    This may be a dumb question, but, why the home page (clicking on the logo), only shows the posts in the ‘blog’ category ?
    I want the home page to display the portfolio items, in the portfolio format, the same as it does in the Demo site of Thomas.
    Thanks for your help

  61. Juan August 12th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi, nice design, but it doesnt work anymore.

    Please if you can fix it for wp 3.0.1


  62. Emrys August 13th

    Comment Arrow

    I have downgraded to wp 2.9.2 but it does not solve my issue. The posts on the homepage are still displayed differently..

  63. ido August 14th

    Comment Arrow

    Thanks for the theme, Thomas!

    Though, I’ve encountered a little problem.
    When I moved away from the Homepage to any detailed page/link, the position of the sidebar and the Box shifts around 5-7 px. It shifts back again when I return to Homepage. You can check it here –

  64. Sevi August 15th

    Comment Arrow


  65. anacletocold August 15th

    Comment Arrow

    Hey! really great theme!!!

  66. Danielle August 19th

    Comment Arrow

    Hey great theme. How do I get the Send Comments field to send to my email. Also, How do I link the social media icons to my accounts or remove them all together?

  67. Mike August 19th

    Comment Arrow

    Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that BlueBubble 3.0 has been released! You can get it here:

  68. Travis Morgan August 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    Hello, I am using this theme here –

  69. Mike August 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    Nice site, Travis!

  70. Jonathan Strauss August 23rd

    Comment Arrow

    Hey Mike,
    I’ve downloaded 3.0 but for some reason a child theme CSS will not override the parent stylings. Plus I lose the navigation styling when the child is activated and I cannot figure out why (the styles override when I switch parent themes).

    Am I missing something? Would you have any thoughts?

  71. Jonathan Strauss August 23rd

    Comment Arrow

    I figured out the menu styling (just had to reactivate them in the child theme) but styles still will not override. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  72. Comment Arrow

    one of the best looking portfolio theme,thnx

  73. Mike August 24th

    Comment Arrow


    I will look into the style sheet issue and add it to the error list. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

  74. Franfun August 24th

    Comment Arrow

    Awesome design!!! I love it

  75. Mike August 24th

    Comment Arrow


    I just tested it with various color schemes, and each one overwrites the other fine. Not every style in every stylesheet changes. (ex: links remain blue in some stylesheets)

    Do you still have this problem? And with which colors? What browser are you using? (I tested it fine in Firefox 3.6)

  76. seba August 25th

    Comment Arrow


  77. Alex August 25th

    Comment Arrow

    Travis — the smalltowntatas site looks great. How did you get a post (vs. a page) to appear in the left nav? Thanks for the help

  78. Jonathan Strauss August 26th

    Comment Arrow

    Mike,sorry if I was not clear earlier If I try to override a style using a child theme, for instance, increase the header height to 125 px, Firebug is telling me it is still reading the original style.css. I guess the crux of my question is, is there any code, script, etc. that would prevent using a child theme? I’m newer to WordPress so I don’t know if anything like that exists. If not, then it’s most likely my own coding issue. THX for the great theme.

  79. Hollt August 26th

    Comment Arrow

    How you can apply to the free version?

  80. søren August 26th

    Comment Arrow

    Wow, totally love the theme – cant believe how clean everything is, from the layout to the code! =)


  81. Mike August 26th

    Comment Arrow

    Jonathan ,

    As far as the stylesheets go with BlueBubble 3.0, all the master styles are defined in style.css. When changing the color of the website, it loads a second stylesheet after the main one that only has the fields changed. (ex: colors, etc.)

    Your best bet perhaps would be to change the header height of the style.css. There isn’t any code preventing the use of child themes. Let me know if this helps any.

  82. Andrew August 28th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi, thank you both for this awesome template.

    Was just wondering if it is possible to add a link to a behance profile with the rest of the social networking options.

  83. Mike August 28th

    Comment Arrow


    Thanks for the suggestion. I will add it to the list of new features to come.

  84. Hans August 30th

    Comment Arrow


    I love the design of the bluebubble-theme, great work! Is the version which Mike pointed out, the newer version or wil you be coming with a new version also?


  85. Thomas Veit August 30th

    Comment Arrow


    Thank you for the kind words! The version Mike published is the newest which works only with WordPress 3.0 or higher. I’ll point out the same version as soon as possible.

  86. Tony Lukasavage August 31st

    Comment Arrow

    First off, thanks for the great free theme. I’m setting it up on my personal site right now.

    If you are interested I made some minor modifications that others might be interested in. I set it up so that the portfolio will use the post’s excerpt, if it exists, instead of the first 120 characters of the post. Also I wrote a quick hack to allow you to page (older/newer entries) your portfolio when its set up as your home page. Let me know if there’s any interest.

    Thanks again for the great theme!

  87. Tony Lukasavage August 31st

    Comment Arrow

    Also, I noticed that my ShadowBox JS plugin broke when I started using this theme. There’s a simple fix. Just add:

    Put it just inside the closing tag in footer.php and everything will start working fine.

  88. Travis Morgan August 31st

    Comment Arrow

    Alex, In the admin page, go to Appearance – Menus – and create a custom link. You may need at least wp3.0 for this

  89. Joseph August 31st

    Comment Arrow

    Is there a setting so that my height will accommodate the full image when in a inner portfolio page? Right now it cuts off the image at 318 pixels high.

  90. Mike September 1st

    Comment Arrow


    The theme is set up so that, when you import a photo, it automatically resizes it to a height of 318px. I will see what I can do with writing in a custom image size.

  91. Danny September 6th

    Comment Arrow

    Why the home page (clicking on the logo), only shows the posts in the ‘blog’ category ?
    I want the home page to display the portfolio items, in the portfolio format, the same as it does in the Demo site of Thomas.
    Thanks for your help

  92. Mike September 7th

    Comment Arrow


    Make sure that in the WordPress Settings, under Reading, that you have set it to a custom front page. By default, WordPress will show the blog entries on the home page.

  93. Danny September 7th

    Comment Arrow

    Thanks for the reply. I did set the front page on Home (Portfolio) and the post page on Blog. That should work right? It doesn’t work here I can tell..

  94. Danny September 7th

    Comment Arrow

    The logo still links tot the blog page instead of the portfolio page..

  95. Mike September 7th

    Comment Arrow


    Can you send me a link to your page so that I can check it out?

  96. Anna September 8th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Thomas

    I have the same question as another person about creating new pages and categories.

    I’ve made a duplicate of the portfolio renamed it and renamed it inside to.

    I’ve made a new category with the name graphics.

    But I dont quite understand this part:

    “Take the name of the category an put it in the query_posts() in your template… replace it with $bb_portfolio_cat.”

    what I thought you meant was to replace the word portfolio with the word of my new category, but that didnt exactly work..

    the posts in that category wint show up on the first category and if I click on the category in the sidebar i get to an archive for the category where I can se the post.

    could you help me fix this?

    I would also like to have a separate page for the different categories of portfolio items so that the newest of all categories is on the home page but if you’re only interested in webb you can se all the webb-pieces on the webb portfolio page. Is this possible?

  97. Terry Barnes September 11th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Mike. Loving the theme – great work by you and Thomas. I seem to have a problem though. When I use a plugin that allows file uploads (via your desktop) such as cforms or Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin (AWPCP) there’s a major issue.

    If you click “Choose file” which then opens up your browser to enable you to select a file to upload – it then seems to refresh the page and therefore you lose all content created in your form.

    I’ve changed the theme to the standard WP theme and that works okay so I’m unsure what is causing this issue.

    I’d really appreciate it if you could load one of those plugins and have a little play for me.

    Many thanks, Terry

  98. flow September 12th

    Comment Arrow

    Can anyone tell me why this is a .rar file and is not recognised by wordpress at all, and how on earth I can get this to work? I am using a mac and am not technical at all, and this is most frustrating.

  99. Terry Barnes September 12th

    Comment Arrow

    flow: Do you have access to FTP? If so, then you will need to decompress the .rar file and then upload the BlueBubble folder (contained within the “bluebubble3.1.1 Folder”
    into your themes folder (wp-content/themes/).

  100. Mike September 13th

    Comment Arrow


    WordPress allows uploads in .zip format. I included .rar as well because some people prefer it. Try uploading it with .zip.

    New version 3.2 hopefully coming tomorrow (Monday)

  101. Terry Barnes September 13th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Mike… Wil v3.2 resolve the “Choose file” upload issue I mentioned above?

  102. Mike September 13th

    Comment Arrow


    I won’t be able to look at that before version 3.2. If you do find a solution to the problem in the meanwhile, I would be more than happy to implement it and credit you for it.

    v3.2 should be uploaded today.

  103. Terry Barnes September 13th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Mike – forgive me. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the theme. It was me!! When I was removing the code for Twitter (alongside each title) I removed a end of link tag and so it was causing the whole page to act as a link. Apologies once again. Terry.

  104. Mike September 13th

    Comment Arrow


    Glad to hear you were able to solve the problem. Good luck!

  105. Terry Barnes September 15th

    Comment Arrow

    How’s 3.2 coming along Mike – any news on a release date as yet?

  106. Terry Barnes September 15th

    Comment Arrow

    Ah ha, I see that you have released it and it’s available here:

    Thanks Mike.

  107. adrian September 16th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi there
    Thank you for this nice theme!
    The configuration actually seems to be quiet nice, but unfortunately I am not able to make the portfolio thing work…
    I defined the Categories for the Blog and the Portfolio in the Theme configuration – but what do I have to do, that the Portfolio Articles show up at the home page as it does in the demo? (the site I’m working on you’ll find on ) Thanks for the help…

  108. adrian September 16th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi again
    So i finally found your PDF manual and the newses Version of the theme (3.2), that wonderful. I now could configure most of the things I wanted.

    But what I am wondering now is that on the page which I defined als “Blog” there is no article showing up. Just the typical blog header (author, date, …) in the box is there but no title, to text no entries… (
    What’s wrong there?

  109. Terry Barnes September 16th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Mike… How do I remove the lightbox stuff from the code as it’s not playing nice with other plugins that use lightbox/thickbox. Basically only the Portfolio images work and then when I use another plugin that also uses thickbox/lightbox those images simply do not work in the same way. If I could therefore remove the code from the bluebubble files I’m then hoping all will work well. Thanks again, Terry

  110. flow September 16th

    Comment Arrow

    Thanks for the advice I got it working ok. I have created a series of pages and some posts but do not get any images on the home page. I do not get that mosaic of images that is the very interest of the theme. How do i activate that? I must be really retarded…

  111. flow September 16th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi all,
    My question is :
    I have pages – and all their names are displayed on the home page as a simple left navigation menu. Can anyone please tell me how can I get those pages to also show in the centre of my home page as a preview of thumbnails? I see some of you did it… Please this is just so frustrating… None of my posts appear on the website at all, and even when I give them a featured image they are nowhere to be seen (?)…

  112. merel September 17th

    Comment Arrow

    I suddenly have an error with the email. the page gets blank with the word error. Yesterday it was still working. Anyone knows how to fix this? I didn’t change anything in the mail script. only in the css file.

  113. Mike September 17th

    Comment Arrow

    merel: I answered your post on the other site

    flow: To have your pages show up like portfolio images, you must 1) make sure that you check the category box Portfolio (or whatever you are calling your portfolio page entries) on every post that you want to appear there 2) declare the Portfolio category in the BlueBubble Options panel and 3) Make sure under General => Reading, you set your Portfolio page as the front page. Also, when you upload an image to show for the portfolio page, you have to click the link Show as featured image

    everyone else I will answer in a day or two. Sorry, but it is time to eat empanadas.

  114. Mike September 18th

    Comment Arrow


    I see the problem with the blog entries. I can help you if you switch to version 3.0 or later, but it appears that you are using the older version.

    Terry: In version 3.1.1 and 3.2 there is an option to check the Turn Off Lightbox. If you do this, it will remove the lightbox coding from the website, which should solve any conflict problems. Let me know if this isn’t working.

  115. Alex September 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    Great Tomas,

    Thanks for the good work!
    Is it already possible to link the featured image to a seperate URL?

  116. Tony14 September 26th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Thomas (Mike): Love the theme, but have a question re: featured image. I understand WP automatically resizes/crops image to 310×150, but it seems to do this from the image center. Thus, the portfolio image thumbnail on main page doesn’t show the part of the image I would like. Any suggestion on a work-around?

  117. joseph September 28th

    Comment Arrow

    love the clean design of theme. im new to wordpress so can i ask how to download a zip file instead of tar because I cant seem to upload the theme into wordpress without getting errors.


  118. Mohamed October 2nd

    Comment Arrow

    hey…..i really like your theme : )..i tried it out and i am new to wordpress so figuring out things take some time :)..i just have this problem i don’t know how to fix….i downloaded the new 3.3 and started working on it…the post appear on the main page fine..but when i click details or the title link…it just does not do anything…i chked…

    everything seems to be fine in this…i should have messed up some setting…what i want is exactly how this site as a request can i ask for screen shots of the sitting for this site :)
    thank you soo much

  119. inblues October 7th

    Comment Arrow

    clean and cool. Love it. Thanks

  120. thomas van manen October 13th

    Comment Arrow


    First of all love your theme. Unfortunatly I come across a problem installing it.

    It seems something wrong with css.file. After installig it left-sidear seems to be fine, but everythng else is missing. After uploading wordpress seems to detect some errors on a few lines in the css.file.

    Seems to me nothing’s wrong with the file. Did you come across this problem before? Hope you can figuere this out.

  121. thomas van manen October 13th

    Comment Arrow

    This error btw;

    Warning: fopen(/home/brandx/ [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/brandx/ on line 4165

    Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/brandx/ on line 4168

    Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/brandx/ on line 4171

  122. Thomas Veit October 14th

    Comment Arrow

    Did you upload the .zip file through wordpress?

    Try to unzip the on your desktop and upload the theme in yours wordpress theme folder via FTP. This should work just fine. There is nothing wrong with the CSS file… Hope this works for you.

  123. buble October 17th

    Comment Arrow

    what a crap documentation

  124. Calvin October 18th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Thomas,

    I am trying to create multiple portfolios, and I am having a bit of trouble. This is what I did:

    1. I Created a category called portfolio2

    2. I copied the portfolio template.

    3. I changed the start of the file to:

    Template Name: Portfolio2

    4. I changed the query to:

    5. I created a post and put it in portfolio2.

    It doesn’t work for me. Is there anything I have forgotten?

  125. Paulo Nunes October 20th

    Comment Arrow

    How do I use the lightbox pop-up also in the images section of the blog posts and the images of pages with standard-template non-portfolio?

  126. JTC October 21st

    Comment Arrow

    Awesome work guys – the theme looks great!

    I was just trying to figure out how to change the links color to be different than the theme presets.

    ie. Having links another color than blue in the white theme.

    Even tho I type it manually in the CSS file, it doesn’t apply after saving the chaanges.

    Thanks for your time!!

  127. Files October 24th

    Comment Arrow


    I’ve tried to change the navigation text color in style.css. But nothing happens. Where can I change?

    .main-nav ul.main-nav li a, #widget li a {
    color: #999;
    padding: 3px;
    display: block;


  128. chris October 25th

    Comment Arrow

    Love the site guys. The only issue I have with it is that I would like to be able to crop the thumbs differently. They seems to crop to the middle of the page, and I would like to have the top of each site displayed in the thumb instead. Do you have a work around for this?

  129. Ana October 27th

    Comment Arrow

    I love your theme! Keep up the great work!

    I just have to mention that there is a slight glitch with this theme. Whenever I change the Widgets around, Menu, or refresh my Admin panel, the template seems to not know how to read the Style.css file. I have to “refresh” it by installing the original (unmodified version) then reinstalling my own modified style.css in order for it to read the Style.css file again. It’s bizarre. Is there a fix for this? I only had this issue AFTER the new 3.3.1 update.

  130. Ana October 27th

    Comment Arrow

    One more thing, the ‘Portfolio’ pagination doesn’t seem to work properly… if you look at my website, when I click on the ‘Older Entries’ or ‘Newer Entries’ it doesn’t seem to list the older or newer posts.

    Thanks for your help! :)

  131. Adam Codega October 28th

    Comment Arrow

    I really like this theme and I’m working on developing it for my own photography portfolio.

    The simplicity is great. Why make the user click on Portfolio when it should already be displayed. Just the right amount of design style and minimalism. And no need to install a separate mobile theme. Great work and please keep it up.

    I’d like to hear from other users who have customized their installations to include a lightbox on the individual portfolio item page and/or have larger images displayed. As a photographer if I could implement a lightbox to display images large, almost fullscreen, it would be perfect. I’m already looking around to see what I can accomplish.

    Thanks again and I look forward to updates.

  132. Haatch November 9th

    Comment Arrow

    Anyone know how to make the larger post image (the one that is displayed AFTER you click it on the homepage) link to an URL? Having trouble with this. Thanks!

  133. linda November 12th

    Comment Arrow

    I absolutely love this theme. The only problem I have with it is how to make it compatible with eshop or any other WordPress ecommerce plugin. It would be great if people could purchase my stuff.

    Also is there a way to get rid of the animation on the portfolio?

    You really should consider making this more ecommerce friendly!

  134. face moisturizer November 12th

    Comment Arrow

    I never thought I would agree with this opinion, but I’m starting to see things differently.

  135. Laura Upcott November 14th

    Comment Arrow

    Hello Thomas,
    Blue Bubble is a great theme. Thanks so much for creating it and making it available to us.

    I had the same problems as Jonathan with the custom CSS. I am using the “Coffee” style.

    I wanted to decrease the font-size of the .postsingle H1. The custom CSS I added did not override the styles. Even when I changed the CSS in style.css it still did not override the styles.

    I found a solution when you told Jonathan about the separate stylesheet that is loaded for each custom stytle. I edited the CSS in the coffee.css file and it worked.

    Much appreciated!

  136. Neil November 17th

    Comment Arrow

    Hey fab theme guys, love the clean sylt and am using it for a current project.

    I’m having a small issue with the main menu style, when I installed the them I notice the main nav menu was blue text with an underline on hover but I’de really like it to be the same as the live demo site using the dark grey text and light grey block background on hover.

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me please?

    Many thanks


  137. Fitri PMRELOAD November 20th

    Comment Arrow

    thx fur sharing

  138. Michele November 23rd

    Comment Arrow

    Hi; I like this layout with the contact form on the left.

    Great idea, thanks

  139. Maurizio Lattanzio November 25th

    Comment Arrow

    Anyone knows why my site give error:

    Message: Syntax ErrorLine: 16
    Charatter: 6
    Code: 0

    Very Thanks

  140. Nicole November 27th

    Comment Arrow

    Hey, this theme is awesome! I’m using it for my design portfolio blog and it looks just great! I’ve been looking for a theme that satisfies my needs and this is simply amazing! I just HAD to comment! Congrats! =)

  141. amy November 28th

    Comment Arrow

    hey, thanks for the theme I love it!
    I keep having problems with the portfolio part though, I followed everything in the Readme but for some reason with the featured image it looks thumbnail size .. well smaller than that. I’ve made sure when I set it as featured image that it is full size but it comes out the same way, it’s really annoying ><

    Here's a look, please help!

  142. damzal November 28th

    Comment Arrow

    I think there is a bug. Shortly after installation this theme doesnt show any posts on main page. Take a look at

  143. metalpig logo November 29th

    Comment Arrow

    Bluebubble theme is great! I’ll try to use these on my other site… thanks! :)

  144. nik12 November 29th

    Comment Arrow

    Genius. Really!

  145. Nacho November 30th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Thomas.

    First of all, great job, very nice and usefull item.

    I need a bit of help with the multiple portfolio pages. I follow the steps you left in back comments and it works (portfolio2.php, “$bb_portofilo2″ all over de code, and items with this category asigned at the wp-admin), but my new portfolio page is showing all the post and items.

    Can you help me with this, please?

  146. aramuk December 4th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Thomas, great job and I really like work and will put on my list for must have template

  147. Hanneke December 4th

    Comment Arrow


    Just like al the others here i like your template verry much. Thank you for sharing it for free.

    I only have two small questions, 1. how do i remove the e-mail form and the ‘other ways to reach me’ in the sidebar left? Do i have to remove some code in PHP file? And if so, which file should that be?

    And ik want to give the ‘back’ links an other colour than blue. Which file do i need for that?

    Thank you in advance!

  148. Hanneke December 4th

    Comment Arrow


    First one is solved, i had to look at sidebar.php but i wasn’t looking at the files from WordPress but in the downloaded files on my pc. Stupid. Still have to solve the second point though…

  149. Hanneke December 4th

    Comment Arrow

    Hee ho the ha…

    My back links are pink now :)

    Suddenly i get it, thank you for this great theme!

  150. baseer December 6th

    Comment Arrow

    how to hide portfolio post from blog page i dont want the post showing on home page repeat on blog page too, is there any help please

  151. Tom December 7th

    Comment Arrow

    How can one change or customise the link colors throughout the theme? I don’t seem to be able to do it by editing the stylesheet at the moment. Can anyone help? Thanks!

  152. Hanneke December 8th

    Comment Arrow


    I’m back with one question. I made a custom header and called it logo and uploaded it into the images folder (so i replaced the original header).

    but now i want to get it fluid but i doesn’t seem to work. I’ve tried adding 100% for heigth and weight in the css style sheet. I’ve tried to ad the banner in the header.php file which worked (it was fluid) but then i would also get the bluebubble header… i’ve tried to erase some code from header.php but that didn’t work.

    Does anybody know in which file and where i can add the height and weight percentages for the header?

    @ Tom, i don’t think you can change the link color without changing the css file…

    Greets… Hanneke

  153. Adam Philip December 9th

    Comment Arrow

    Also having trouble with the ‘earlier posts’ button. Any fix for this issue yet?

  154. Emre Akkas December 17th

    Comment Arrow

    I got a defect to report:
    It is great that fields allow for html under settings (footer text for instance). The problem is, the field escapes the quotes with \ every time the setting page is saved so one ends up with a lot of backslashes in that page after a few saves :)

    Great theme, thanks much…

  155. G.N.R.S.U December 31st

    Comment Arrow


  156. adrian January 4th

    Comment Arrow

    hai thanks for template, but i had problems in categories theres no display any previous or next page can anybody help me?

  157. Clarke January 5th

    Comment Arrow

    This template is great but having an issue.

    How do I get the portfolio view on the main page? I left the portfolio category as “uncategorized” and selected it on each post and in the options under BlueBubble. However, nothing shows up. When I select blog with “uncategorized” they all show. Please help.


  158. Drew January 5th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi I got the same thing as Victor Hugo, and so unable to use this theme. Something roughly like this (this is his error message):
    Hi Thomas, I love the theme but when I install some errors appear me:

    Warning: fopen(/home/tresnuev/public_html/blog/wp-content/themes/bluebubble/style.css) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/tresnuev/public_html/blog/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3598

    Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/tresnuev/public_html/blog/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3601

    Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/tresnuev/public_html/blog/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3604

    Thanks I notice this went unaddressed… This is on a fresh install of WordPress 3.0.4 thanks.

  159. Best Tech Deals January 6th

    Comment Arrow

    Same problem as Emre Akkas. Can you please help? Great theme by the way.

  160. shelley z January 6th

    Comment Arrow

    I too love the theme, but like others am having problems creating a portfolio with multiple images on the front page.
    I thought I read above that the portfolio could be made up of PAGES, instead of POSTS, but I don’t see a place to categorize PAGES, so perhaps I’ve misunderstood and the front page can only display a portfolio built from POSTS.

    Can anyone shed any light on this? Sorry, I’m a newbie.

  161. tasarhane January 7th

    Comment Arrow

    pretty nice theme indeed…

  162. Brendan January 9th

    Comment Arrow

    I too could do with help creating the main portfolio feature on the front page, I’m aware of this sort of set up and have done in a few times before, just set it to portfolio and then post things labelled portfolio, but no joy? im a bit confused it should be simple. Any help would be appreciated.

    Oh can’t get the contact form either:(

  163. Brendan January 9th

    Comment Arrow

    Sorry my bad its a little different than im use too, anyone having trouble with the portfolio there’s a pdf here

  164. Pascale January 14th

    Comment Arrow


    First, thanks, really good job. My question:

    I would like to have a different number of portfolio item on my home page (6) than my portfolio full page (12). Is it possible?

    Thanks +++

  165. Megan Sheehan January 18th

    Comment Arrow

    For some reason I can’t change the permalink structure. I don’t have any pages or posts up yet, so the only page that will show is the home page. After I change the permalink structure from the default I get an error. Could it be because I’m developing the site in using index2.php??

  166. Brendan January 18th

    Comment Arrow

    okay… anyone know where to find CSS for the lightbox, I wanna copy it to another lightbox plugin, it would be sweeet if i could.

    @Pascale I believe that is possible, it just defaults at 6, in the BlueBubble tab in your admin panel click portfolio and change 6 to 12.

  167. merel January 21st

    Comment Arrow

    I lost my contact form from the side bar. After I moved to another host. Do you know how to get it back?

  168. Pascale January 26th

    Comment Arrow


    Thanks, but no, if I change it there, it will also change it for 12 on the homepage…

  169. shelley z January 27th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi again -
    I got the portfolio to work on the home page — thanks for that great PDF.
    Is it possible for one of the six featured boxes on the home page to be a video (instead of a “featured image”), or can we only embed video within a post?

    Thanks — I’m loving working with this theme — it’s really building my web confidence!

  170. Pickle January 29th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi there, i was wondering if there was any way of removing the page titles from all the pages so im only left with the link buttons. thanks

  171. tagiormanargy January 29th

    Comment Arrow


    Hey guys!! I’m new to this site (looks terrific).
    I am in the adult industry :) and lookin for some extra cash!!!
    and I’m in need of you guy’s opinion on how i look in these pictures.
    I also do personal services and private cam, message me if you are interested!
    My photobucket is:
    [b]Thanks guys!!!! Let me know!![/b] :)

  172. mik February 1st

    Comment Arrow

    This theme has some pretty major problems with it. I have the menu not reading the CSS properly, posts not formatting properly on the homepage and chaging half of the options in the theme options doesn’t do anything. How are so many people happy with this??

  173. Flora February 4th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi all!
    Does anyone know how to remove the grey frames around the feature images on the portfolio page? I really don’t see the point of them… I have see some demo sites of the theme WITHOUT frames(, and also some WITH ( Can anyone explain? Thanks!!!

  174. Graham Gardiner February 5th

    Comment Arrow

    I love this theme & want to use it but I’m getting this message when uploading it…

    Warning: fopen(/home/aspiren1/public_html/2011/wp-content/themes/bluebubble3.3.1/style.css) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/aspiren1/public_html/2011/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4165

    Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/aspiren1/public_html/2011/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4168

    Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/aspiren1/public_html/2011/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4171


  175. Megan Sheehan February 7th

    Comment Arrow

    I’m trying to take out the twitter links on the blog section, and I can’t seem to find the template page to edit. I thought it would be blog.php, but its not. I can edit the single_post pages, and get the results I’m looking for, but not the landing page for all of the posts.

    I have tested all of the template files it seems with no luck. I’m sure this is a simple error, please help!

  176. Barry the greatest February 25th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi, I’d like to download this, but it seems you are having some issues with the download link — it’s throwing an Internal Server Error..

  177. Pascale February 25th

    Comment Arrow

    Oups, no more portfolio with the new WordPress 3.1.

    Anybody with the same issue?

  178. Peter Armenti February 28th

    Comment Arrow

    Download links aren’t working.. I’m very interested in the theme though. Thanks for your efforts but could you please fix the link? :)

  179. Morgan February 28th

  180. Casey Weeks March 1st

    Comment Arrow

    Does the download link work for anyone else? Not working over here.

  181. Gangolo Barrrd March 1st

    Comment Arrow

    download gives Internal Server Error

  182. Pascale March 1st

    Comment Arrow

    The portfolio full and the one on the homepage have crashed with the new WordPress 3.1.

    I have reinstalled WordPress 3 and it is working again. But I would like to have it on 3.1.

    What can be the problem with WordPress 3.1? Any idea?

  183. Thomas Veit March 2nd

    Comment Arrow

    Download works again… Sorry for the problems.

  184. Mike Yorke March 4th

    Comment Arrow

    Hey Thomas I have my portfolio on my home page and want the older entries link to work, What is the code you made to fix this problem?

  185. EARLabs March 5th

    Comment Arrow

    Dear Thomas, this is really a nice theme and I think it’s a great starting point for me. I can change the css and all that to my liking, but I have a problem loading the images.
    what are the required specs of the image?
    do I need to store them in my media folder or anywhere else?
    do I just include the image URL in the post, or is a custom field required (which I’ve seen in other themes).
    Look here (if you have the time) . I think I’ve gone through your instructions five times and can’t find the ‘solution’.

    Thanks for a great job!!

  186. Michelle March 7th

    Comment Arrow

    Hey. Love the theme. Is there anyway to get the lightbox to show all of the pictures within the post. Not just the first one?


  187. Javier March 8th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi, great theme. I love it but I need some help.
    Does anyone solve the problem of creating multiple “portfolio” pages? For example one for video, one for web…
    Thanks, and sorry for my english.

  188. Rodrigo March 13th

    Comment Arrow


    just installed version 3.4 and found a few bugs on it.

    First, you should change this in most of your theme php files (portfolio.php, header.php, sidebar.php and maybe some more):

    with this:

    which will remove a lot of errors if WP_DEBUG is set to true.

    But the more important bug i found, is that the portfolio.php file tries to get the category that has been set on the theme options page using the name, but the query_posts method, when you pass the category_name on the query, needs to receive the category slug, not the name, so if they are different (like in spanish with written accents) the front page won’t show any post. I’ve change this lines to make it work:

    to be:


    Hope this helps someone…

  189. Rodrigo March 13th

    Comment Arrow

    Hmmm ,no code in the comments. Let me know if someone needs help with what i described in the previous comment and i’ll help.

  190. Rachel March 15th

    Comment Arrow

    Rodrigo! This is the problem I am trying to solve. Portfolio posts not showing up on the front page. Not sure why the code didn’t post, but I’d love to know what the fix is.

  191. abdullah adnan March 17th

    Comment Arrow

    ready for download it! thanks for the great themes!

  192. nikki March 20th

    Comment Arrow

    I installed the theme just fine, but when I make a new post, it doesn’t show up in my “Blog” page even though I am choosing to put it under the “blog” category. I have no problem posting in my “portfolio” page as long as i set a featured image. Please let me know how i can fix this. thanks!

  193. nikki March 20th

    Comment Arrow

    oh! nevermind, i figured it out!

  194. Cerise March 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    Nice template, thx you :)

    I read all the comments but I don’t find the soluce for multiple portfolio.

    Do you have the soluce please ? Thx !

  195. DeukDesign March 23rd

    Comment Arrow

    very nice theme, simple and clean
    just two remarks
    when I activate gravity forms, your bluebubble admin menu item dissapears, as they load at the same place!
    Can you change where your menu item loads, maybe as a submenu of appearance.

    on a post page it shows the featured photo could you add an option to replace the featured photo with a photoslideshow?

  196. Jason March 27th

    Comment Arrow

    When clicking on project to show more details I queries three additional portfolio posts underneath. I would like to show a single project after clicking on more details as if in a case study situation with only a “back to” link.

    Any suggestions?

  197. Comment Arrow

    just have a couple of questions:
    1) I downloaded the spanish version of the template so now all the “Post a comment”appear in spanish, is there any way to change it to english?

    2) In the Portfolio part I´ve realized that the letters “p” “q” have an overflow when appear in the last line (not inside a post but in the Portfolio page, maybe adding some margin it can be fixed?

    3) I do not know why but the post I write in the Blog page do not appear in a short version but appear directly all the post before entering on it.

    Hopefully those are not too many questions :S

  198. Michiel March 27th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Rodrigo it would be great if you could sent me some instructions for fixing the portfolio templates

  199. Mark Plattner March 28th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Thomas, do you have time to answer a BlueBubble Question? How can I link my portfolio thumb to an external non-word-press site?

    I’ve looked all over but have yet to find an answer.



  200. brendan April 7th

    Comment Arrow

    hey great site. for some reason its running very very slow when Im in WP dashboard. Its the only site out of a hand full that seems to have a problem with WP 3.0. I dont have any plug-ins yet so Im not sure what the problem is.
    x b.

  201. richard April 8th

    Comment Arrow

    Can i update to WordPress 3.1.1?
    Ik have the latest version of Blue Bubble theme…

  202. brendan April 13th

    Comment Arrow

    My site admin was running very very slow due to a PHP version conflict and firewall conflict with my host. So if anyone experiences mega slow wp admin with the BB theme, make sure your host has updated the PHP version to the latest available.
    Yo mamma.

  203. Victoria April 17th

    Comment Arrow

    Hello! I really love this theme, it is perfect for what I want to do. But please can you tell me how to change the colour of the hover on the main navigation menu? I’d like it to be a light pink rather than grey. Thanks! Victoria

  204. Julie April 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    Love this theme!

  205. K9eatK9 April 24th

    Comment Arrow

    Has anyone had success in creating multiple portfolio pages? I have created new portfolio.phps e.g. new.php and old.php to show ‘new’ and ‘old’ works. I have modified the /* */ (without the /* */, I’ve done this to show the code for my ‘old’ template. The best I got was two different displays of posts. BUT, they displayed posts from BOTH categories. That is, not just old in old and new in new. Any thoughts/help/direction you can share will be greatly appreciated.

  206. Vanja April 25th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi guys, can anyone help me?

    My blog section doesn’t show any posts – a few of you had the same issue and have since solved it – please share.

    Same for the Portfolio thumbs – I am trying to reduce the size of thumbs and also have 3 portfolio items in a line on the Portfolio page.


    Thank you x

  207. Marisa April 30th

    Comment Arrow

    Again the multiple portfolios… I love this theme, but the multiple portfolios is a must! Plese tell us how to fix this. I tried the solution you posted on top in reply to Abe, but it didn’t work or I’m doing something wrong. Rodrigo, If you’re reading this, can you post your solution with the code somehow? Thank you so much.

  208. Derek May 3rd

    Comment Arrow

    My videos wont seem to load. grey boxes show up with a loading animation but the videos never load.

    help please!

  209. chaz May 4th

    Comment Arrow

    The thumbnails dont seem to load for me. I attach them using the featured image thing but they dont load.

  210. Fortes May 6th

    Comment Arrow

    Thank you so much for this theme! It made me dare to jump of my old site and dive into WordPress.

    One question:
    I have Bluebubble 3.4 and I’ve noticed that some plugins don’t like that the .post is replaced with .item
    Is it something I could change now, or are you on it for the next version?

  211. michele May 7th

    Comment Arrow

    I have the same problem as above…

    My blog section doesn’t show any posts – a few of you had the same issue and have since solved it – please share.

    Anyone? Thanks

  212. Comment Arrow

    Hi, I have the same question Vanja Can anyone help me?



  213. Sara June 1st

    Comment Arrow

    I cannot get my images to fill the boxes on the portfolio pages. I tried what Scott did above by changing the media size settings, but I dont know what I am doing wrong. Please help if you know any tricks, I’ve been trying to figure this out for the last 2 hours. :( Otherwise, fabulous theme and I love how its minimalistic!

  214. Klaudius June 5th

    Comment Arrow

    Multiple portfolios works very well in BlueBubble. Just followed the comment by Thomas (comment #6). Nothing complicated. For those who could not get it working, I will try and reiterate how it is done. Make a copy portfolio.php and rename it portfolio-anything.php . Now edit this new file and change the template name at the beginning to whatever you like. Now scroll down till you find a line — query_posts(“paged=$paged&category_name=$bb_portfolio_cat&posts_per_page=$portfolio_num”); and now replace the $bb_portfolio_cat with your new category. If you named your category BlahBlah, then the line would look like — query_posts(“paged=$paged&category_name=BlahBlah&posts_per_page=$portfolio_num”);. This should work like a charm. Also, thanks a ton Thomas !! An awesome theme !!

  215. Klaudius June 5th

    Comment Arrow

    The image size for the featured image in portfolio template is 657×318. If your image is of that size, then it will show up perfectly on the portfolio page and the post. Hope that was helpful.

    @Vanja and Joost van der
    For displaying the posts under the Blog section, just create a new page and set the template as Blog. Now go to settings>reading and change the “Posts page:” to that of the page with Blog template. Also assign a new category for Blog and set that in the BlueBubble Settings for Blog. Now all you need is set the blog posts to the Blog category and it will show up perfectly. Note that this will only help you if you already have a portfolio as your front page and are trying to add a blog to your site. Hope it helped.

  216. John Cole June 5th

    Comment Arrow

    Has anyone gotten the contact / email form to work on the left hand side? I downloaded a older version “BlueBubble 1.1 by Thomas Veit” and it shows up but with 3.4 it’s not.

  217. Allan Shah June 8th

    Comment Arrow

    A little plain. But otherwise, good job.

  218. Comment Arrow

    Hello Thomas,
    OMG! I searched high and low for a theme that would do what I wanted it to do. Tried many different themes briefly and even customised 3 different themes with lots of effort to no avail. Until BlueBubble! Thank you so much. I love this theme! Its awesome and I’m not changing from this theme for a LONG time! I was just wondering though, I’m trying to get sticky posts to work and have downloaded and have downloaded a few different plugins, followed their instructions but no posts seem to want to stick. Is there a trick to getting sticky posts to work? And, can you recommend a plugin that works well with your theme pretty please? Thanks Thomas, again awesome work.
    Cheers, Corrina.

  219. Michael June 18th

    Comment Arrow

    I love this. Is there anyway to have a video portfolio? I want a video URL to be on top, instead of the larger image. Any ideas?

  220. kristen June 28th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi all,

    I’ve just set up my site with this and I notice that when you add a new post the preview on the portfolio page (in my case this is the homepage) cuts the title of your post back quite a bit. Does anyone know if there’s a way of increase the number of characters it cuts back? Eg. one of my posts is called ‘Moving on Up (in 6 languages)’ but is shortened to ‘Moving on Up (in 6′ on the portfolio page’.
    Thanks and many thanks to you Thomas for this handy theme.

  221. ganhar dinheiro July 5th

    Comment Arrow

    one of the best looking portfolio theme

    Awesome design!!!


  222. piwu July 7th

    Comment Arrow

    Thank you very much

  223. Wordpress themes July 10th

    Comment Arrow

    Wow, Thanks for this fantastic portfolio wordpress theme. I love simple materialistic style themes.

  224. Rafael July 13th

    Comment Arrow

    Awesome theme. The only thing I’m trying to figure it out to remove it, is the menu in the lower part of the page (footer). Any ideas?

  225. Sujay July 23rd

    Comment Arrow


    Its a nice theme and would like to use it for my personal site, but these are the issues that I am facing..

    1. The dimension of the portfolio picture box.
    2. It requires that the image is stored and uploaded using the upload feature of WP… Giving the ref link to a flickr image doesnt work :(

    I gotta modify it in a way that, The dimensions of the box can be custom… 3:2 /2:3 ratio of standard photography.

    I would be specifying the link to actual image from flickr which will be shown on the post page and ite equiv. thumbnail will be generated automatically for the portfolio page (In worst case I can specify the thumbnail link too). PLease guide me as to how do I modify these?

    Also I couldnt figure out as to how to get the menu view that the older version of this theme had (dottes lines seperated vertical menu)


  226. Den July 27th

    Comment Arrow

    good work for my portfolio! Thanks! wana more customization.

  227. como beijar July 29th

    Comment Arrow

    Wow, Thanks for this fantastic portfolio wordpress theme

  228. aprender beijar July 29th

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    Awesome design!!!


  229. Andrey August 2nd

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    Hello. How to make a captcha in the sidebar?

  230. Canal August 6th

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    It’s awesome template.Thanks!

  231. 老域名出售 August 7th

    Comment Arrow

    Awasome theme, I like it very much, thanks for great job!

  232. Alex August 16th

    Comment Arrow


    I just switched over to the BlueBubble theme and am loving it so far.. Just had a question though- how would I place an image as the header? Ideally, I’d like to have a header image level with the logo, above the content. Thanks!

  233. Theme Cavern August 25th

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    Great Template, I will share it in my website. Thank you

  234. Chris Maille August 25th

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    With regard to me I just like this. This stuff is very helpful stuff just for everyone. Most likely may recommend information regarding this resource on my own website. All the best.

  235. Siep September 5th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi there,
    Just styled my new website using this theme, it’s great.

    Except one issue; when i run it locally it works, but now that i’ve put it online; when i fill in the contact form and click send, the menu moves down and loses it’s style. Am i doing something wrong?

  236. wenwens September 6th

    Comment Arrow

    I like this idea. I visited your website for the first time and simply been your supporter. Keep writing as I am going to come to read it everyday!!

  237. Attila September 19th

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    Finally I found this theme.Nice,clean easy to use.THX

  238. D September 23rd

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    Nice! love it

  239. Kev September 23rd

    Comment Arrow

    Nice One –

    After hours of searching for a free wordpress template to best match the layout of my site – I find it thanks yo you.
    But unfortunately having difficult uploading it – Im trying through as .com wont allow new themes uploaded, So im trying tthru .org like i say but it wont allow it still – a messgae coming up saying the following;- “The following theme tags are not allowed:
    - light green
    See for a complete list of approved theme tags.”

    I dont suppose you could kindly help me with this?

    Very much appreciate any help.

    Thank you

  240. jogos online October 5th

    Comment Arrow

    Thank you very much

  241. Red October 7th

    Comment Arrow

    awesome layout, thanks!

  242. Tim P October 18th

    Comment Arrow

    ‘when i fill in the contact form and click send, the menu moves down and loses it’s style. Am i doing something wrong?’

    I am also having this problem, anyone have a solution?

  243. Gino November 7th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi, great theme but i dot error installing it on WordPress 3.2

  244. Mike November 14th

    Comment Arrow

    BlueBubble 3.5 has been released!

  245. Konstantinos Zournas November 15th

    Comment Arrow

    Some people were having problems overiding the default css styles while using one of the Color Schemes. I just discovered tha I was editing a css file that was maybe “compressed”? Inside the css folder that contains these “compressed” files, there is a folder called “uncompressed css”. Take the file from in there, edit it and upload it to the css folder of the theme. Solved.

  246. jaconca November 20th

    Comment Arrow

    I love the theme!! …I’m not talking about BluBubble I’m talking about this minismalist and simple theme. It’s this avaible?. Thomas, where I’can get it??.

  247. kristopher ray December 2nd

    Comment Arrow

    Hey Guys, im having some trouble when i try to disable the lightbox on the portfolio page where it just completly removes the image when i check the box? maybe im misunderstanding but based on the description i assumed it would remove the lightbox and then just forward to the page?

  248. kristopher ray December 2nd

    Comment Arrow

    Well i fixed it everyone, if anyone else is having the same problems, download the old Blue Bubble theme, and go to the portfolio.php files and open them up side by side. You need to take a snippit of the code from the second half of the older version and insert it into the new version, It works out great!

  249. Kev December 8th

    Comment Arrow

    This is amazing, I may have to try it on a new site one day or look at the code to pick up some tips.
    Thanks a lot.

  250. Darko Martić December 9th

    Comment Arrow

    @kristopher ray, thanks for the tip, it was bugging me all day :)

    just a tip for others, trying to find that “snippit on the other half” :)
    it is the “paragraf” of code which starts with:

    it would really be nice to see this fixed in next version…

  251. Darko Martić December 9th

    Comment Arrow

    code was deleted from my previous comment…
    here it is:

    div class=”box-new”

  252. sania jaan December 10th

    Comment Arrow

    its desigining is awesome…

  253. Rabia Noor December 10th

    Comment Arrow

    I like this,and using this..

  254. Nazish Khan December 10th

    Comment Arrow

    It is extraordinary theme..

  255. December 11th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi, my ‘featured image’ for each portfolio post keeps showing up in the actual post itself. Anyway to disable this?

  256. Tim P December 28th

    Comment Arrow

    @kristopher / @darko thanks guys.
    Seems a pretty obvious bug to have slipped into a release, which is a real shame since everything else about BlueBubble is pure excellence.

    Indeed the (well, “a”) solution is to replace the
    div with the old 3.4 code.

    I can happily confirm it works. You would have to make a change to the 3 column portfolio file if you want to use that.

    Note: If you replace the whole ‘post’ div, you will lose the neat ‘entries disable’ function, that caused me a few extra minutes grief.

  257. Tim P December 28th

    Comment Arrow yes there is. Go to ‘editor’ under ‘themes’.

    Find ‘single_portfolio’

    Delete the three lines that look like this:

    div class=”boxsingle”
    php echo the_post_thumbnail(‘portfolio-big’);

    Delete the whole lines, not just that text. I had to remove the brackets to post it here.

  258. Roelani January 20th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi, great template. Quick question: Would love to add a dropdown menu for the page section but none of the plugins tried seems to work. Any assistance would be appreciated.

  259. Sarah January 25th

    Comment Arrow

    This theme is amazing, except that when I set the portfolio page as the main page as in the demo, the Older Entries link loads a “Page not found” page. I really need help fixing this… Any help would be appreciated.

  260. GregCastan February 6th

    Comment Arrow

    Your Message…

  261. Adi February 17th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi there.
    Can you turn off or change the image re-sizing?
    I have a vertical images i want to display in full, but the re-sizing is cutting it in half.
    Any ideas?

  262. Bala February 19th

    Comment Arrow

    I ain’t any good at web matters but this one really makes sense to me… Thank you very much and I do really mean it….

  263. Jake February 21st

    Comment Arrow

    How do I get rid of ‘this is for the buble’ that comes up on facebook posts?

  264. Memento February 28th

    Comment Arrow

    To uncut the title on homepage, you simply have to modify portfolio.php. On line 61, there is this line :
    <a href="” rel=”bookmark” title=”Permanent Link to “>
    I don’t know why the theme uses the attribute short_title, but it’s responsible for this particular problem. (Thomas, feel free to correct myself if I missed something.) Replace it with , or juste replace ’29′, which is the maximum number of character, with a taller number. Doing so doesn’t seem to posing other problems. Not in my case anyway.

    Thanks for the theme and the hard work, I gladly appreciate it.

  265. Memento February 28th

    Comment Arrow

    Newbie mistake here…

    Replace php short_title(”,”,true, ’29′) it with php the_title() one line 61 of portfolio.php, or juste replace ’29′, which is the maximum number of character, with a taller number.

  266. Fabio February 29th

    Comment Arrow

    I try to use the 3.5 but the sidebar with social media icons always appear with only two icons when i check it. any idea why this could be happen? I really want to use this version, the pagination below the posts are terrific.

  267. Paulo March 1st

    Comment Arrow

    I am getting the following message in wordpress 3.3.1

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

  268. Caio March 2nd

    Comment Arrow

    I can not turn into Portfolio, select the category in the portfolio tab but it will not appear on the blog. I’m from Brazil, Help me!

  269. Kevin March 7th

    Comment Arrow

    Thanks, can I use it for my website?

  270. Mark March 28th

    Comment Arrow

    WTF? All these glowing accolades … but when I try to upload and install this, I keep getting the error message that “the style.css” stylesheet is missing. Any help please?

  271. gauz April 1st

    Comment Arrow

    I will try this for my directory like bloh

  272. Mike April 5th

    Comment Arrow

    BlueBubble 3.5.5 has been released! It addresses several of the errors/problems of BB 3.5.

    BlueBubble is now on GitHub too! I will add the latest version to the GitHub repository in a day or two.

  273. Sarah April 7th

    Comment Arrow

    Mike – you should provide a link to it, since all of the dosmundoscafe links are broken.

  274. Sarah April 7th

    Comment Arrow

    Thanks for the theme, by the way, Mike.
    I am having a problem using a child theme. The style.css will not work, though everything else (ex. footer.php) overrides the parent just fine. Does anyone else have this problem?

  275. Mike April 10th

    Comment Arrow


    Thanks alot for the link – I was going to put it but completely forgot!

  276. samsun otel April 11th

    Comment Arrow

    Thanks, can I use it for my website?

  277. Doori April 15th

    Comment Arrow


    First of all, a big thank you! Your WP theme is exactly what I am looking for, a nice mixture between blog and portfolio page. Really easy to change and update!

    I have come across a problem when it comes to JavaScript using your theme. I’ve tried to install a slideshow plugin on my blog, but the Javascript doesn’t work when your theme is activated. It does work with any other theme do, so I suspect there might be an issue with your JS??

    Would you mind having a look and giving me some advice how I could fix this?
    Ideally, I’d like to stick with your theme but still use a slideshow plugin.
    Your feedback would be very much appreciated!!



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  279. özel ders May 28th

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    I love the design of the bluebubble-theme, great work!

  280. Fabio June 20th

    Comment Arrow

    After the update with the wordpress 3.4, I just can’t see the page functions, only the header of the of the page functions, any ideia for what could be happen?

  281. me June 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    yes does not work in 3.4 from what I can see.

  282. jessica July 9th

    Comment Arrow

    Since I downloaded the new version, options have disappeared and my posts are not showing up on the homepage. Great template but need help!

  283. Raj July 21st

    Comment Arrow

    Bluebubble theme control panel is blank on wordpress 3.4.1 version,…… any solution ??????

    so i cannot add logo or new portfolio etc nothing..

  284. Kazu July 26th

    Comment Arrow

    Thank you for your great template.
    I also have same problem that BlueBubble option is blank.
    Please help to solve it.

  285. Kazu July 26th

    Comment Arrow

    Just figured it out.
    We can get latest version 3.5.5 from following site.

    The problem that I mentioned above has been fixed.

    Now I wondering that the error has occurred regarding Contact Form 7.

  286. Elise July 26th

    Comment Arrow

    after I updated to 3.4.1, the blue bubble options do not show up. Very disappointed to see that this has not been fixed by developers.

  287. psikopus July 30th

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  288. Thomas Leopold August 2nd

    Comment Arrow

    I cant install blue bubbles theme, its says im missing something.. MM im on a mac.

  289. islam August 8th

    Comment Arrow

    wow awesome temes.loving it

  290. mel August 12th

    Comment Arrow

    Broken theme, don’t install for current version of wordpress

  291. Edgar August 14th

    Comment Arrow

    I’m only getting two columns, full post layout. Whatever happened to the beautiful, 3 column layout? Is it not an option anymore in newer versions? I just installed version 3.5.5 from github.

  292. Edgar August 16th

    Comment Arrow

    Please ignore my question above. Just found out I have to choose a portfolio template to have that look

  293. marthin August 17th

    Comment Arrow

    Having to much problems with bluebubble and after searching the web for solutions (for months). I can’t see any other option then to change theme! Thanks for a nice theme but with to much problems.

  294. Weekmania August 28th

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    Thanks, can I use it for my website?

  295. Antonia Schuhmacher September 12th

    Comment Arrow

    Intriguing however i am unsure in essence take this.

  296. rolf cerff September 12th

    Comment Arrow

    I also had problems with BlueBubble Admin page after I updated WordPress to 3.4.2. Option panel disappeared. But good luck, the reason is only some change of css styles and you can ‘fix’ it with two style additions.

    Open file wp-content/themes/BlueBubble/includes/functions.css

    add the following styles to the following class selectors:

    ul.tabNavigation li {… ;float: none !important;}
    .theme-options { …overflow: visible !important;}

    it does not look perfectly, but it works and you can edit Options of BlueBubble again.

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    First of all thanks for this free theme.

    I have a problem with BlueBubble Settings Page. The page does not show anything except header of the page. It is a blank white page. WordPress version 3.4.2 and BlueBubble is 3.4

  301. Jake October 26th

    Comment Arrow

    For those having problems installing the theme from within WP Install Themes with message “style.css is missing”, use FTP instead to upload the BlueBubble folder (not .zip/.rar) to wp-content/themes folder on your websites directory….

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  307. Ali November 27th

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    Very nice seems. Thanks for bluebubble theme.

  308. imran December 24th

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    hi every one i am using bluebubble theme
    can any body help me
    i want to show my top menu only as a nav menu
    i dont want to show it on side bar
    but by default theme set the top menu in side bar and as nav

  309. Hasan December 24th

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    its great theme.thanks for sharing

  310. fahidul01 December 27th

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    This is a great template. :)

  311. shamvil January 4th

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    This is a great template.I like this and i have to use for my website. Thanks for bluebubble theme.

  312. nirjona January 8th

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    one of the nice looking portfolio theme.A great template, I was searching for something like this long ago.lot of thanks.

  313. Amanda Lewis January 9th

    Comment Arrow

    I’m having trouble installing this theme. When I installed it, an error message occur like this:
    Unpacking the package…
    The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

    I’m a newbie in website design. please help me and give me a solution.

  314. Comment Arrow

    Hi just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know
    a few of the images aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.

    I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome.

  315. VIDWAYNOIND January 20th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi gentlemen! How are you currently?

  316. quentin January 20th

    Comment Arrow

    Can anyone help please? I can’t install this theme. Try uploading the zip to WP and I get an error message ‘missing style.css’, despite the fact that I can see 2 files with that name in the zip file. Is the zip file not directly uploadable to WP in this manner?

  317. to cold call January 30th

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    That is a very good tip particularly to those new to the blogosphere.
    Short but very precise info… Appreciate your sharing this one.
    A must read article!

  318. Kitty February 1st

    Comment Arrow

    I’m having the same problem as quentin – missing style.css – can someone help?

  319. Kitty February 1st

    Comment Arrow

    Hi again, I’ve just managed to solve the problem with the missing style.css.

    Here’s what to do (NB Quentin):

    1. Open the zipped folder you have been trying to install
    2. Find the Bluebubble folder and zip that one up
    3. Upload this folder. It contains everything you need.

    I’ve was doing a fresh install because I can’t see the theme options. When I click the bluebubble tab in the Dashboard it only shows me the header for the theme options but the page is empty. Can anyone help with this?

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  325. Nathan March 25th

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    Hi, I’ve been using the them for over a year now and had no problems until now :( I have the same problem as Kitty, the bluebubble theme settings are not loading and I can’t find the page in the editor either to change what I need :/

    Can anyone help?

  326. rams April 6th

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    Hi Thomas, I love your theme, i need suggestion from you, In main menu section for subpages need dropdown like toggle function. please help me

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